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Magnetic Id Badge Holders

stunning & easy to use - simply secures onto a piece of clothing

JewelryByAmyT's id badge holders were designed to meet the needs of people wearng a id throughout their work day. We wanted something that was comfortable and fashionable in addition to being functional - something that people did not have to wear around their neck.

Magnet Note:

People with pace makers or that have any other medical reason why they should not be near magnets should NOT wear these magnetic badge holders. Also, magnets may cause problems with credit cards, hotel keys and/or cell phones. Therefore we suggest you keep all magnets away from these items and other items that may be affected by magnets. We are not responsible for any damage that magnets may cause to you or your property.

How AmyT creates her Magnetic ID Badge Holders:

We start by hand cutting a variety of compatible pieces of glass and at times hand-blown bits of glass. The glass pieces are layered, placed in the kiln and heated to a melting temperature. This process occurs until we are satisfied with the quality the fused glass piece. The fused glass piece is then annealed and slowly cooled in a digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability.

The finishing touches inclue a bail and a piece of smooth metal both of which are attached to the back. Each badge holder also comes with a super strong neo magnet to secure it onto a piece of clothing.

We have also created a video about our magnetic name badge holders if you would like even more information.